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Production Car Racing Videos

Two B Production Sunbeam Tigers driven by Tom Sakai and John Morton at the 2009 Monterey Historics Laguna Seca. GREAT V8 SOUNDS with Cobras, Mustangs, Ferraris and more! (3:49)

Meadowdale Raceway, IL 1962 SCCA Nationals A Production racing video - Dr. Dick Thompson wins in his Corvette going sideways against Ferrari Berlinetta! (2:06)

2011 Road Atlanta HSR D Production Video - 1966 Yenko Stinger Corvair. Watch the early power application into turns to avoid the dreaded snap oversteer! (14:23)

Super Production video of monster Mercury SPO blowing by Corvette GT-1 and Pontiac Trans Am at Thunderhill, CA - GREAT V8 SOUND! (6:02)

Production car racing classes are for modified street cars of varying manufacture and displacement. Back in the 1940s-1960s SCCA road racing classes were quite simple: Production and Modified (which evolved into GT). Production cars were relatively close to stock. The key differentiator between Production and Modified/GT classes is that Production cars are based on a street car chassis while the GT classes run tube frame chassis. Super Production is basically an open class for non-tube frame cars and big V8 or turbo motors. A Production consisted of big bore V8 machines such as the Corvette 427/454/350 LT-1, 390 AMX, Shelby GT-500, Ferrari, and 427 Cobra. B Production had the Corvette 327, Mustang, Camaro, 289 Cobra, Chevy Monza, and Sunbeam Tiger. C Production had the Porsche 911, Porsche 914-6, Datsun 240Z, BMW 3.0 CS, Ginetta, Lotus, and Jaguar. D and E Production are older classes made up of BMW 2002, Datsun 510, Volvo, Capri, Miata, Corvair, Nissan 200SX, etc. F, G and H Production are for very small motor cars such as the old Mini, Honda Civic, Fiat 500 and other "micro" cars.

GT & Sedan Racing Videos
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